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Working at Heights

Working at Heights

Qualification: Working at Heights
Duration: 2 days
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Event Detail

Duration: 2 days

Safe Work at heights training is conducted to give the participants the necessary knowledge and skills to perform work at heights safely. It is the responsibility of the worker to identify work at heights, and to select the most suitable and safest way to access that height. Our training will give you that understanding.

Course Content

Identify work area requirements, Access work area, Conduct work tasks

legislation, duty of care, preparing to work at heights, Hazard identification, and controls for work at heights, safety equipment and functions, work at heights components and functions, 

Past and present safety, the mind and safety, focus and attitudes to safety at heights, Because of the extensive experience we have had in work at heights, we are ale to expound on any questions you may have.


The practical involves hazards identification and controls, environmental assessment, inspection of safety equipment and recording, anchor point identification, fitting harness, relief exercise in harness, knots hitches and and other rope applications relevant to work at heights. conducting work at heights work and other.

Course Work

  • 17600 - Explain Safe Work Practices for Working at Heights
  • 23229 - Use Safety Harness System when Working at Height (Prerequisite for 15757)
  • 15757 - Use, Install and Disestablish Temporary Proprietary Height Safety Systems when Working at Height



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